target: women

i have been feeling like a bit of a bummer these days, so anything that makes me smile is much appreciated. thanks to one of my favorite blogs, gaycondo, i have been introduced to the hilarity that is sarah haskins’ “Target: Women” videos. she serves up brilliant comedic analyses on how the media, advertising specifically, targets women in bizarre and sometimes downright insulting ways.

this is familiar territory for me, as i think about this quite a bit, but sarah brings up some things i never really thought about before, like why birth control is sold as period control and not, um, BABY REDUCER. i guess it never occurred to me as a gay lady who takes birth control to control her periods (they are about 9-10 days otherwise) that most women who take the stuff do so to stay kidfree. with all the sexuality on tv, this is just kind of appalling. women have sex! FOR FUN!

here is the birth control video. it’s LOL funny, so watch at work with caution.

this one on chick flicks had joe and i both in hysterics over “friend-o’s” alone.

and finally, this one made me laugh a lot…

because it’s true, then days later i heard about this:

splenda with fiber!!! fiber in your artificial sweetener. talk about a target audience.


of course you know, however, i WILL be purchasing this. i love a little extra boost of fiber. i’ll let you know how it works.


  1. Leona says:

    Hey Amanda! Thank you for your thoughtful and caring words :) We appreciate your prayers very much. Being new to the blogging world, it’s nice to have feedback… and from someone who knows what it’s like to put your heart out into the world in this forum. I’m glad I now have this link to your fantastic blog! I LOVE the Sarah Haskins videos…I may be back in the classroom next year, and if I am, she will be part of my new curriculum. xo

  2. I started sobbing from laughter. I want to marry her.

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