i’m still here, you know. i know some people read this every day and i’m sorry i am a bad blogger (friend? i’d like to think we are friends).

my life is so hectic right now, and yet nothing has changed except my job status, i now own a pair of very uncomfortable spanx, and i have put way more things into my vagina and ass since last time we talked.

oh yeah, i guess i officially have no shame. before it was like, “OMG, does she have no shame?” and now it’s like “SHE HAS NO SHAME!” but i don’t care because it’s a living. i feel like i am being more true to myself than ever. wait, i just realized that sounds like i am totally a prostitute. i’m not, even though it would be completely valid and okay if i was (but probably not okay with joe). actually,  as i mentioned, i work in a sex shop now.

it has taken over much of my life and i cannot figure out how to write about it, or even how to fit writing into my daily life other than the writing i do for work. writing about working and it’s many pains is one of my favorite things to do, but right now i love my job, and to write too candidly about it would be betraying a certain trust. i feel like it can, or must, be done for the survival of this blog, but i have yet to figure it all out.

anyway, re: the spanx, i only bought them because i had to go to a wedding. normally i shun spanx and other control top hosiery because, while we can all use a nip in the tum, i don’t really like restraining my bubble butt. it’s one of my few physical features i actually like, and although it seems to get flatter with age and weight gain, i still try to flaunt it as much as possible. i always thought they should make those things assless. the other reason i hate them is that they tend to roll down at the waist band, which, instead of a flat surface, bisects the tummy area and creates TWO distinct rolls. unsexy.

i decided to give these a go because i really needed a smooth back silhouette for the thin fabric of my dress, and these particular spanx promised to be high-waisted, thereby doing away with waist-roll and smoothing all the way up to the bra line. well, they work. the reason they work is that an ULTRA TIGHT band at the top goes around your ribs. it took me about 10 minutes to get them on and the whole time i was wearing them, i literally could hear my bones straining. now, three days later, i still have bruises on my ribs. i ended up taking them off halfway through the wedding because after the second time of having to painfully remove them and squeeze them back on to use the toilet, i was done.

i wish i could say that i am totally done with this torture device, but alas, i feel like they could come in handy at some point. plus, and i didn’t notice this until i took them off, the crotch is actually open. there are like, two overlapping flaps instead of solid fabric. could this convenient hole be what i think it is? probably not, but i’d be lying if i said i’m not entertaining the idea.


  1. the sarah says:

    Sometimes I’m writing a post and I think, “Hm. Should I actually be putting this in-depth discussion of my vagina on my blog?…Why, yes, of course!”
    I will never be able to become president.

  2. rachel fucktard says:

    spanx ARE super hard to get on….. i find that after the ordeal i’m slightly breathless. both pathetic and sad.

  3. Amy says:

    Spanx stretch out over time…but like, remember how I bought some when we were at the Grove? Well it took me like 10 minutes to get them on. But as you wear them it gets easier. Also, they totally make assless ones, I have a thong pair they are hilarious bc they are like ass-out granny panties.
    And that is, in fact, a pee pee hole! My sis has a pair like that. You can totally pee through there, but as my sister sagely pointed out “You probably shouldn’t try to poo”. LOL ORLY???

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